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With a supportive community that offers guidance through deep personal introspection, development, and fulfillment.

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    Heal the Past

    Learn and apply the sacred art of self-forgiveness and compassion for all

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    Find Your Purpose

    Discover your hidden gifts and talents so you can do what you came here for

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    Live With Passion

    Find love for all that you do and learn to let go of what which doesn’t serve you


Universal Oneness

The entire universe is energetically connected and all of the situations and relationships you experience are generated by you. By learning more about ourselves and our connection to the universe, we can develop deep and meaningful relationships with others and the world around us.

Inner Elevation

Up to 75% of our beliefs are stored in the first 12 years of our lives. That means that if your parents, grand parents or other influential people in your life struggled with success, health and happiness, then you will too. Through elevating our mindset we can overcome our inherited limitations and access true freedom.

Disciplined Practice

Our body is the first gift from the universe and our vehicle in this physical reality. We must keep it well maintained and active in order to get the most our of our lives. By learning to stoke our inner fire we can connect to the vital life force that is available to each and every one of us.

Holistic Harmony

Nature is responsible for all of the gifts we receive including the food we eat, the home we live in, the money in our bank account and even our relationships. When we live in harmony with nature, we open ourselves up to receiving the beautiful gifts nature has to offer.

Soul Expression

The universe is like one, grand artistic expression of colors and sounds, and each of us creates the universe we experience as an expression of our soul. By learning to invoke our creative forces we can begin to compose our own work of art and live the life we desire.

Elevated Lifestyle

Complete Elevation



Here’s what our members are saying!

Working with a coach from Elevated Academy has provided a safe place to acknowledge and conquer my limiting beliefs – opening up a whole new level of possibilities in my career and personal life.

-Jennifer D

I think the biggest thing for me is coming to really understand addiction and how much it controlled my life. Through working with my lifestyle coach and using the tools available at Elevated Academy I’ve made so many leaps in my life and got control of it back!

-DeAna T

Elevated Academy has helped me understand the workings of my psyche in more depth and now I am no longer a victim to my past conditioning. It’s a process to really integrate all that I discover about myself but I’m constantly progressing and becoming a better Me!

-Alain C

Elevated Academy and Elevated Lifestyle Coaching offer multiple ways to encourage and tease out your own brand of authenticity, so you can begin to see the limitless possibilities in your life. Being part of a supportive group that offers guidance through deep personal introspection, development and fulfillment is priceless.

-Julia B

Where do I begin!? I found the courses to be extremely informative, thorough, and life changing. As clichu00e9 as that sounds, it was exactly what I needed, when I needed it. I have formed so many new habits and lifestyle changes.

-Sami O

It’s fun, giving, and makes me curious. What have I NOT tried and why? I go into the Academy’s site and it’s like a Labyrinth of knowledge to grow from. Love the layout and options.

-Charlene J

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